This week we had the opportunity to work with young singer songwriter and guitarist Lyric Dubee for some musically inspired clothing. In this first part we feature his jacket in progress. Lyric has played the guitar since the age of 9. His clothing speaks to that passion with an embroidered skull with frats and head stocks on the cuffs and shoulders. The blue and green  kaleidoscopic pattern mimics Houndstooth and is a youthful take on a vintage fabric in English worsted wool. The inside is half lined back with leather details in light blue and orange.

Lyric is an avid reader and seeks knowledge in many areas. His combination of music styles (Jazz, Rock, Pop and Blues)  inspired him to create a new personalized style he calls Revolution Rock. For that reason we created a layout combining of the jacket with Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches. Da Vinci was a man of multiple disciplines who never lost his thirst for knowledge. The skull, normally associated with death is in this instance an expression of the anatomical drawings that Da Vinci made. The crossover of music and anatomy shows the cross in disciplines which Lyric often tries to achieve in both his life and music.

Part II coming next week.